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Nawkaw has been changing the color of masonry and concrete around the U.S.A since 1984, using high-quality, innovative products to ensure a beautiful and long lasting finish. Architects and general contractors know to call Nawkaw when they need color applied to masonry and concrete. Our products have been tested in extreme environments, from scorching hot heat to bone-chilling cold, and have proven to provide a permanent solution that won’t peel or fade – guaranteed for 25 years! If you have a residential or commercial property in need of concrete restoration or brick restoration, give us a call! Our experts are ready to provide you with a free estimate and a detailed outline of how we can upgrade the appearance of your property.

Nawkaw is the oldest and most experienced service provider in the industry and we are proud to service the Midwest, specifically in the Chicago, Illinois area! Properties in the midwest are a great representation of the history and culture of each individual community, representing the industries and ancestries that make each location so unique. As the midwest continues to grow and modernize, so do the buildings! An easy and affordable way to upgrade the appearance of a building without damaging the structural integrity is to restore the exterior with Nawkaw’s line of stains. Years of testing and improving our products have allowed us to create the best stains in the industry applied by experts who have undergone years of training.

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Painting vs. Staining

It’s common to think that painting and staining are synonymous when it comes to restoring brick and cement as both alter the appearance of a building through the application of a substance. However, when it comes to the quality and lifespan of paints vs. stains there are key differences! Paint merely alters the surface of the concrete or brick, and can begin fading or chipping within a few years. Paint is also more affected by weather, and can be easily damaged by heat, heavy winds and rain, and the cold. Every few years, paint needs to be touched up, reapplied, and cleaned to keep the property looking good! Our Nawkaw stains, however, penetrate the surface pore structure of the material, rather than simply coating the outside. This allows the stains to become a part of the substance, thus not being prone to chipping or fading in a short period of time. Stains also allow the material to maintain its natural surface texture, and provide for a more natural appearance.

Whether you’re looking to restore the surface of concrete, clay bricks, mortar, concrete clocks, sandstone, or anything in between, Nawkaw has the products and the experts to provide you with a long lasting and beautiful solution.

How to stain concrete

The process of staining concrete here at Nawkaw is simple and can be used for a variety of projects ranging from commercial, government, educational and institutional properties! To begin, the surface needs to be cleaned and prepped to ensure the best application of our products. Our experts are trained to thoroughly clean the surface as well as perform minor repairs, all the while maintaining a clean and safe work environment. The actual application of the stains depends on the surface and the type of stain being used. Typically, our experts apply the stains to small areas at a time using brushes, rollers, sponges or sprays. The application is thorough, but quicker than expected, and can be used on any project no matter the size type!

Tips to upgrade the appearance of your commercial property

Your property is often the first thing that customers see, so make sure it looks good! Here at Nawkaw, we have completed a large range of projects on commercial properties ranging from big corporations to local government offices. No project is too small or too large for our experts to handle. If you’re looking to restore and improve the appearance of your commercial property in an effective and efficient way, give us a call! We’d love to provide you with a free estimate and consultation about what we can do for you.

Here are some tips for upgrading the appearance of your commercial property:

Begin with a full cleaning and restoration of minor damages! The little things can add up, especially on big commercial buildings. Giving the building a full clean and fixing small damages can make a building look better before even applying the stain! Our experts have been rigorously trained and acquired years of experience to be able to properly clean and repair buildings before applying our products.
Save yourself the cost of replacing masonry by simply correcting the color! It’s easy here at Nawkaw to treat alkali or efflorescence areas of masonry to make them look new again!
Consider making your property stand out more by adding decorative accents! A great way to stand apart from the competition is to show how your unique your business is through the appearance of your building. Our workforce are not only experts in applying stains to an overall building, but also in using creative techniques to create decorative accents!
Graffiti is a common problem for public buildings. Government buildings and schools especially have to deal with the pain of removing graffiti, but usually are unable to remove it entirely. This leaves behind a shadow residue that still degrades the overall appearance of the property. Our stains have been proven to cover the graffiti entirely, and restore the appearance of the property!

Chicago Color Consultant

Who better to assist you in choosing the colors for your project than the experts themselves? The color specialists here at Nawkaw have over 20 years of experience in the field and can help you make the tough choices while keeping to the schedule and maintaining a budget!

Our color consulting services include:

Digital Mock-ups
On-site Color Samples
Custom Color Matching Consultation & Samples
Technical Guidance
A-Z Project Support

Check out our gallery of past projects and see for yourself why we lead the industry in concrete staining!

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