Masonry Staining

Masonry Stain

Don’t let a color issue ruin your masonry project! Find the perfect match to your desired color by partnering with Nawkaw— the industry leader in masonry staining.

Contractors and homeowners spend a lot of time trying to find masonry of similar colors only to be disappointed. That’s why Nawkaw manufactures and applies stains that are specifically designed for masonry textures. Our wide range of stain solutions vary from translucent stains that allow the surface texture to show to opaque stains that can cover up surface flaws. Call Nawkaw today to find your perfect masonry stain match and keep your project on track.

Masonry Staining vs. Masonry Painting

When it comes to changing the color of masonry, homeowners and commercial contractors want a solution that’s going to be long-lasting and look great. Using a paint to change the color of masonry is one way to achieve a desired color. Paints come in a wide variety of colors and can be applied easily with brushes, rollers, and sprayers. However, paints are very susceptible to chipping, peeling, and fading. A masonry paint typically needs to be reapplied every few years, sometimes more often if bad weather has affected the masonry. A masonry stain, however, is a longer lasting solution. Stains work deep within the pores of the masonry, meaning that a stain won’t chip, peel, or fade as easily as paint. Stains can be applied just as easily as paint and come in a variety of colors and qualities.

Achieving the Perfect Masonry Color

Masonry comes in a variety of colors, and it can be difficult to match new brick to existing when completing a repair. That’s where a masonry stain can help.

To begin, make sure that the surface of the masonry is clean. At Nawkaw, we pressure wash surfaces before staining to ensure that all dirt and dust has been removed and the stain can properly attach to the surface and pores. It’s also important to fix any repairs before staining to prevent areas from having to be stained again later.

While staining, it’s important to use the best tools for the job. A small project may requires small brushes to ensure the stain is worked into each corner and crevice. A larger project will require a roller brush or a sprayer to reach large areas and ensure an even coating. Different types of masonry surfaces require different application techniques.

The professionals at Nawkaw have years of experience with a variety of textures and stain types, providing expert masonry staining services to projects both large and small.

Types of Masonry

Masonry is a term typically associated with the construction of structures using individual units. The most common materials of masonry construction include brick, concrete, and stone. No two masonry materials are the same, for example every brick has a slightly unique color and texture. Because of this, masonry can be difficult to use in construction projects where a consistent color is needed. NawKaw’s expert masonry staining professionals help construction workers achieve this consistency in color through the manufacturing and application of industry leading stains.

When coloring concrete and masonry, every job is different. Considering a sustainable, long-lasting stain solution to solve everyday aesthetic building problems is a cost effective way to put you back on track. Brick staining can help resolve a number of building issues.

Nawkaw also offers stains that are Low- VOC and VOC-Free stain solutions as well as stains that contain up to 20% recyclable content.


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