Coloring Concrete and Masonry

When coloring concrete and masonry , every job is different. Considering a sustainable, long-lasting stain solution to solve everyday aesthetic building problems is a cost effective way to put you back on track. Brick staining can help resolve a number of building issues.


Precast concrete can often times need to be touched up before taken out to the job site.

Concrete will often show age or need repair over time. Staining your concrete surface can not only prolong the life of your facade, you can give your home or building a complete makeover with a fresh coat of stain.

Nawkaw also provide water repellent and emulsion gloss stain solutions for when the job calls for a little something extra.

Nawkaw also offers stains that are Low- VOC and VOC-Free stain solutions as well as stains that contain up to 20% recyclable content.


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