Brick Stains

Brick Stains

Nawkaw is the industry leader for brick staining services—providing you with brick stains that are both effective and innovative!

We manufacture and apply stains specifically engineered to compliment the textures of brick, block, concrete, stone, and stucco. Why paint your home or building when you can have a sustainable color solution that won’t chip, fade, or peel!

As you may know, brick can be manufactured with many different textures, and colors. No two batches of brick are exactly the same. If your house or building needs a brick repair, finding an exact match is near to impossible! When this happens, call Nakwaw! We have experienced Color Specialists and Field Technicians that know how to make your brick look evenly colored using brick stains.

Nawkaw offers a wide range of stain solutions that will work for any job. From translucent stains that allow your surface texture to show through to thick opaque stains that can be used to hide flaws and blemishes.

Brick tinting is often the term used when the project calls for a translucent color effect that does not hide the texture of the surface. This is much different than painting. Staining or tinting brick allows the natural texture to remain while changing the overall look and color of the brick. Nawkaw offers an endless number of color possibilities for tinting brick. Multi-color brick tinting is no problem! Share with us what you are looking to accomplish and we will show you how to bring your concepts to life.

Brick Staining

Why brick staining or brick tinting instead of brick painting?

Here at Nawkaw, we manufacture and apply stains that are specifically engineered to compliment the textures of brick, block, concrete, stone, and stucco. Our wide range of stain solutions vary from translucent stains to allow your surface texture to show to opaque stains that can cover up flaws. No two bricks are the same, which is why our Nawkaw Technicians are highly trained and experienced in matching the color of bricks and their textures.

Painting is a common technique used to enhance the appearance of buildings. Although common, paint does not provide the long-lasting and durable qualities that stains do. After a few years, paint starts to chip away, peel off, or fade. That’s why we provide the long-lasting solution of brick staining! Our brick stains can be used for “brick tinting”, providing a translucent color effect that does not hide the texture of the surface. Deeper colors can be reached with opaque stains that better cover up flaws on the surface of the material. No matter the color or multitude of colors needed for the project, Nawkaw offers endless possibilities to restore your brick!

Whether you are looking to change the color of your brick from light to dark or dark to light—Nawkaw has the color solution for you! Our brick stains are highly effective in altering the color of brick, whether slightly or largely, in order to enhance the appearance of your property to your liking! Simply painting brick can only temporarily alter the color of brick. After years of heat, wind, rain and other natural weather phenomena, the paint starts to fade away, change color, or chip, and needs to be repaired constantly.  Nawkaw stains and application services come with a 25 year warranty to insure you are satisfied with your property for years to come!


Give us a call if you’re looking to restore your brick in an effective and long-lasting way, and let our technicians provide you with a free consultation!

Brick Stain Process

Surface Cleaning and Preparation

In order for our stains to be most effective, it’s important for them to be applied on clean, well-prepared surfaces! That’s why it is a best practice to have your project area cleaned before application in order to ensure a beautiful finished look! Our field technicians offer cleaning and surface preparation services that can be included in your color solution package. 

Brick Restoration

If you’re looking to restore the appearance of brick, then give Nawkaw a call! Blending old brick with new can be quite challenging. It is near to impossible to match different lots of brick together exactly. When you have a brick repair, call the experts to custom match the color of your new brick to your building. Nawkaw has years of experience with blending infill work, remodels, and historical property restoration.

There is no job too big or too small for Nawkaw!
Our stain products are warrantied for 25-years to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied.

Our trained Field Technicians have years of experience which allows Nawkaw to provide the very best service to each and every one of our customers. We can custom match the colors of your existing brick on site! Our Field Technicians use many techniques to blend in repairs or to change the color of your brick depending on the overall look you desire. Whether we use spray gun equipment or apply multiple colors with a brush or roller brick-by-brick, Nawkaw will make sure you are pleased with the outcome. We can even add texture to brick when needed. Contact us today to speak with your local Color Specialist to learn more about Nawkaw’s Brick Staining Services.


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