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Brick Stain

Nawkaw is the industry leader for brick staining services – providing both products and services that are effective and innovative!

Here at Nawkaw, we manufacture and apply stains that are specifically engineered to compliment the textures of brick, block, concrete, stone, and stucco. Our wide range of stain solutions vary from translucent stains to allow your surface texture to show to opaque stains that can cover up flaws. Nawkaw Technicians are highly trained and experienced in matching the color of bricks and their textures.

Concrete Stain

If you’re looking for the best concrete staining services in the industry, call the experts at Nawkaw!

When it comes to staining or tinting your concrete, make sure you use a product and a service that is designed to last! Here at Nawkaw, we not only manufacture great products, but we certify and train our Field Technicians to be able to apply these products with expertise!

Masonry Staining

Don’t let a color issue ruin your masonry project! Find the perfect match to your desired color by partnering with Nawkaw – the industry leader in masonry staining.

Contractors and homeowners spend a lot of time trying to find masonry of similar colors only to be disappointed. That’s why Nawkaw manufactures and applies stains that are specifically designed for masonry textures. Our wide range of stain solutions vary from translucent stains that allow the surface texture to show to opaque stains that can cover up surface flaws. Call Nawkaw today to see how our masonry stains can help keep your project on track and your masonry looking great.

Brick Repair & Masonry Restoration

Remodeling, adaptive reuse, restoration, and renovations—ALL require a makeover from the inside out!

Nawkaw’s services range from blending in new additions to award-winning historical restoration. Regardless of the scope of your project, Nawkaw has a solution that’s the right fit for you! Contact us to speak with your local Color Specialist to determine the best next steps for your project. We can provide onsite samples and even custom match colors on-the-spot!

Color Consulting

Who better to assist you with your project plans than the experts themselves?

Nawkaw’s Color Specialists have years of experience. Our people can help you make the tough choices while keeping you on schedule and on budget!

Let us help you with your next project— give us a call today to speak with your local Color Specialist!

Masonry & Concrete Stains

We manufacture and install the world’s finest stains for concrete and masonry. From fifty story precast skyscrapers to brick walls in your own backyard.

Experienced Technicians

Nawkaw Stain Technicians are the most experienced you’ll find, bringing years of expertise and know-how to a variety of applications.

Design Your Concrete

Through US Formliner, Nawkaw’s sister company, we offer more than 300 concrete patterns meticulously crafted by Reckli, world renowned for unmatched quality.

Case Studies

Get a detailed look into a few of our projects

Top Products

Nawkaw Corporation has been further refining color changing technology solutions to introduce a new formula using inorganic binders based on mineral silicate—NawTone-K™! Potassium silicates give a hardened coating of higher water resistance and therefore, have a much lower tendency for efflorescence and delamination. Silicate stains require a siliceous substrate for setting making NawTone-K highly suitable for mineral substrates such as concrete. NawTone-K is designed to have a woven-like effect upon infusing with the substrate to create a UV resistant, long-lasting and color-stable surface for mineral substrate building materials such as concrete, cement lime plasters, and sand-lime brick.

NawTone-K is essentially a special mineral based formula that is nonflammable, nonhazardous, and has zero VOC content making this formula one of our most environmentally sensitive products yet! This dynamic formula is also resistant to algae, mold, and soiling making this stain an excellent choice for concrete color solutions. NawTone-K’s high durability helps to preserve resources and its contaminant-free composition preserves health and environment. For this reason, silicate stains have gained popularity especially in the segment of sustainable construction. This water based formula along with our custom blend color solutions allow for more control to meet the aesthetic requirements needed to leave your concrete structure looking unblemished, perfect, and natural.

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NawTone Acrylic Stain (formerly NECT-90) is the stain that started it all. This product is in use on more buildings than any other masonry stain in the world. With its 25 year track record of performance and continuous testing & improvements, NawTone has set the standard for excellence in the industry. In fact, Nawkaw installation teams have won more awards with this product than any other.

  • NawTone Acrylic is our most versatile stain
  • Use on brick, block, mortar, concrete, stone, stucco, and EIFS
  • For corrective color or total color change
  • Water-based for easy use and clean up
  • Semi-transparent; Achieve precise color saturation while allowing natural textures to show through
  • Apply with brush, sponge, roller or spray
  • Low VOC, non-toxic

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NawTone+Plus™(formerly NWRT-91) is dual-purpose masonry stain for adding color and a high-performance water repellent to vertical concrete and masonry surfaces — in one-step! Because it allows moisture vapors to escape, it prevents spalling or similar failures due to moisture trapped in the wall. It also protects vertical concrete and masonry surfaces against deterioration caused by airborne chemicals like acid rain.

Color retention is warranted for 25-years. NawTone+Plus is water-based, environmentally friendly, and complies with VOC and other regulatory requirements.


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Looking for more ways to enhance your concrete? Our partner company, US Formliner™, offers more than 300 concrete formliner patterns, meticulously crafted by RECKLI®, world renowned for unmatched quality. These 10X and 100X use formliners deliver superior detail and performance.

With so many patterns, textures, and custom formliners, the possibilities are endless. Enhance your next architectural project with aesthetic textures that add a whole new dimension to design.

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Who We Are

The world’s finest stains for concrete and masonry

From the fifty story precast skyscrapers to brick walls in your own backyard, our award winning technicians will transform your brick, block, stone, concrete, or other masonry surfaces with amazing color that won’t chip, peel, or fade.

Our products are in use around the world and have been proven under extreme conditions from desert heat to bone-chilling cold.

Nawkaw is a proud member of AIA offering HSW accredited CEU courses for Architects and Engineers since 1993.

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